Custom Modular Homes Built to Last

Made to order with exceptional quality and ultra-efficiency for the lowest possible cost

MODS is the only company on the West Coast and in western Canada that designs, builds, and sets site-specific, made-to-order modular buildings with such high quality, that they're built to last 100 years.

From concept to completion of your residential or commercial modular, our process and final products are so consistent in quality and cost efficiency, that we guarantee a modular building that will outlast any other and still be competitively priced. No other modular builder can make this guarantee—let alone stand behind it like we do.

The Edison Apartments by MODS PDX Inc.

A short time-lapse video of our latest high efficiency build. It's really amazing to see all the pieces come together at once in this short video by Sam Forencich.

THE EDISON - A Modular Construction Time-lapse Film from Sam Forencich on Vimeo.

How can MODS promise so much so confidently?

Excellence in Modular ConstructionBecause every single step follows MODS Universal Building Platform. This is a science-based, best practice process that’s been tested and tweaked and tested again (and again) to produce the ideal modular home—built with sound structural integrity and no-fail materials.

Each stage of production is completely controlled in house (multiple layers of contractors not needed) in our enclosed facility. Because our Universal Building Platform is ultra-efficient, we achieve the highest quality at the lowest possible cost and can reproduce these results again and again. In addition, we build each modular home using the latest technology and can go back years later to update existing structures as technology advances.

Unlike other builders, MODS:

If you’re in the market for a modular, you’ve probably talked with other builders who are not able to promise so much at such a competitive price. At MODS, our main business is to give you the best experience from concept to completion with an understanding of cost at each point of the process.

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